About Us

On December 5, 2004, a meeting was held in MacTier, Ontario for Métis people in the Parry Sound / Muskoka area. It was at that meeting, with much enthusiasm and eagerness, that the Moon River Métis Council was born. It was on this day that the interim council was elected for a one year term. The council consisted of; President Louise Goulding, Chair Leslie Emerson, Senator Ruth Wagner-Millington, Secretary/Treasurer Lisa McCron, Women’s Representative Verna Porter, Youth Representative Bradley Goulding, Councilor Mike Nolan, Councilor Dale Nolan and Councilor Kim Belecque.

The Moon River represents one of the main rivers running through our traditional territory and connects the Métis citizens of the islands and shores of Georgian Bay to those on the mainland. It also would have been a river that our ancestors used as one of their highways. On April 16, 2005, the Moon River Métis Council became the 32nd Council to sign a Charter with the Métis Nation of Ontario.

In December of that same year, the one year term of the interim council was completed and the Moon River Métis council would hold its second election. The new council would consist of: President Louise Goulding, Chair Brian Leduc, Senator Ruth Wagner-Millington, Treasurer Lisa McCron, Women’s Representative Verna Porter, Councilor Larry Duval, Councilor Dan Quesnelle and Councilor Irene Peel.

As of today the council consists of President Larry Duval, Chair Bonny Caan, Secretary Rose Lepage, Treasurer Tony Muscat, Women’s Representative Linda Harbridge, Youth Representative Mitchell Muscat, Councillor Dan Quesnelle, Councillor Eugene Boucher, Councillor Richard Whalen and Councillor Tammy Porter.