Working Together and Moving Forward

The MRMC and MNO have been and are working hard to capitalize on the recent and heartening sense of awareness and respect for our voice – among governments and Canadians.  To reach higher and realize meaningful change on the ground there must be increased engagement and collaboration between citizens and their elected community councils.

We are reaching out to everyone to join us in the pioneering work of building further capacity to:

~protect our waterways and wildlife
~to learn about, document and share Métis culture
~to assist with research of family trees to discover or confirm ancestry of “Lost Métis” wondering about their connections to history
~to explore the feasibility of implementing service programs i.e. addressing employment, health, child and family services
~to develop community partnerships that could tackle expansive initiatives

With multiple empty chairs at our council table we are in great need of individuals to come along with us, trailblazing together.  Generally MRMC meets once a month or so – including formal meetings and events.  We are willing to assist in any way to ensure interested people could try it out for a while (transportation, video conferencing, etc.)

We are especially hopeful there is a group of passionate, dedicated youth with energy and ideas that would consider being part of a youth committee.  The focus and goals would reflect the things important to the committee members, with organization and pursuit of funds facilitated by MRMC.  Location, time, and other details are highly flexible in order to meet your needs.  The possibilities are wide open!

Any citizens interested or wanting to know more please email Rose at and we can continue this conversation!